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        Company Info
        【 Source:三雅五金官網 】 【 Published:2013-07-01 】

         1 core competitiveness:

        - listen to customer needs, insight into the market dynamic, fast reaction
        - efficient production so as to provide high quality and cost advantage of the products
        Relying on the team spirit, and constantly create and transfer value

         2 cultural ideas:
        Relying on a team spirit, the strategies of sustainable management, and constantly create and transfer value, achieve win-win situation.

        3 performance management:
        Company to implement performance management, based on fairness, justice, people-oriented, full participation, to achieve a win-win situation.

        4 talent management
        We pay attention to personnel selection, appointment, training, establish internal promotion and personnel training system, make their own value recognition and promotion. The company’s annual excellent employee and contribute to rational and effective reward.

        5 team building
        Companies pay attention to team construction, and strive to build a high efficiency, dynamic, creative team.