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        Company Profile
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        To the city of Sanya Hardware Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel metal products company. Mainly engaged in iron crafts, wire technology, such as electricoven, fan heater network series, series, gas oven series,carbon furnace series, fried basket series. Products of excellent quality, novel design, since put on the market,well received by consumers, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to come to consult, warmly look forward to a pleasant cooperation with you.


        Company is located in Guangdong Province Gaoyao CityJiao Tang Zhen Sha Industrial Park, adjacent to Guangzhou, Shenzhen Expressway and Hongkong, the traffic is very convenient. Company plant scale, strong technical force, advanced machinery and equipment, is a professional production of various types of wire productsfactory, the factory use of advanced management mode,more independent R & D and manufacturing capabilities,product fashionable, variety complete, beautiful appearance, durable and decorating.


        Over the years, our company always adhere to the "strive for innovation, scientific management, the original management" principle, in a professional team, strict management, excellent equipment, excellent quality, high-quality service, reasonable price to win the enterprisedevelopment and the government’s recognition and praise, facing the rapid changing market environment, I Division will continue to carry forward the spirit of carve,efforts to improve product quality and service level,constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and management experience, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, increase with other manufacturers of cooperation, work together, create brilliant.